October 8, 2020


Today’s world is all about content! Wherever you turn your head, whatever you see, whichever website you visit, all you will see is different content writing types with different niches, or text in other words. Even this blog you are reading is nothing but content. It has been around since ages, but with the technological revolution, it also saw a boom! Content writing services are extremely important because no matter what your business is, cars, cutleries, stitching or any service, you are going to need content written for it because what other way are people going to know what services or products you are providing and how do they place an order. 

Content does not just provide information about the business, page or website but it also acts as a traffic attractor. A well written content is catchy and written in a way that it attracts the search engine to display it on top. But there are so many content writing types that a layman can not choose or even establish what their site needs to rank on top in search results, and also get more traffic and engagement.

Luckily, we are here to explain all this to you so you can know for sure exactly what your site needs.

Following are a few types of content writing that can be very beneficial for your business:

  • SEO Optimized Content Writing Services
  • Blog Writing Services
  • Copywriting Services
  • Technical Content Writing 
  • ECommerce Content Writing
  • Ghost Writing Services
  • Social Media Content Writing

SEO Optimized Content Writing Services:

SEO or search engine optimized content writing is a specialized type of content writing that ensures the website a good ranking in the search results. For example when you google something you get a lot of options, but the ones best ranked are those at the first page and according to different reports and surveys, those websites that rank on the first page in google search results, get the most traffic than those ranking on the second or the third pages. That is done by content using different techniques or using just the right number of keywords as well as other stuff. Keyword density of course depends on the number of words a certain content requires in order to effectively communicate the message. SEO content writing services are one of the top content writing services and often the most tricky one as not every content writer is an expert in SEO content writing.

Blog Writing Services:

Blog is basically what you are reading at the moment. Blogs are a source of informal, conversation style informative pieces of writing. A blog’s basic purpose is to provide information on your website that answers queries from potential customers and helps them learn more about a product or service that you are providing. It makes your website far more engaging while giving information to the people who are visiting it.

Copywriting Services:

One of the most important characteristics of all sorts of marketing and advertising is copywriting. Copywriting is the use of words, either written or spoken, by marketers to persuade people to act after reading or hearing them. Copywriting is somewhat similar to a call to action, but on a greater scale. And, unlike a blog article like this one, where you have hundreds of words to make your case, copywriters have a very few words to work with. That is why copywriting is a tricky business and can only be handled by an expert.

Technical Content Writing:

Technical content is creating and assembling technical documents such as instruction manuals, product descriptions, memos, user manuals, journal articles, tutorials, reference guides, all sorts of technical content, really. Software documentation is an example of technical writing. A technical content writer may also produce more typical content such as social media postings, press releases, and site pages. Technical content writing helps a layman understand how to utilize products and services by breaking down complex technical items into easy understandable instructions. They are subject matter specialists with a technical degree in subjects such as engineering, IT, and information development. Technical writing is a sort of writing that necessitates a distinct set of skills, research and the ability of using technical terms the right way.

ECommerce Content Writing:

Ecommerce content writing refers to the content and information one typically finds on an eCommerce website. It is business related and is written in a way that uses psychological tactics that make them buy the products that you want them to buy. Ecommerce content writing services are mostly used by eCommerce websites and those that are pitching some product or idea. People tend to buy products and services from where they think they will not be scammed, that trust building is done by the content written on the website. That is why, the more attractive the content, the more business that particular website gets.

Ghost Writing Services:

Ghostwriter is a person that writes content without getting credited for it. In other words, the writer stays or is kept behind the curtain and someone else takes credit for their work. Though it isn’t widely known, ghostwriting is a prevalent activity. When someone needs new copy for a website, they may employ a ghostwriter to edit an existing copy. Writing commercial or business copy, or delivering new or updated text for personal or professional use, are all examples of related tasks. The ghost is primarily engaged as a professional freelance writer to provide high-quality writing copy that is professional to read. It saves you time and creates plagiarism free, authentic and unique content. That is why it is one of the important ones in the content writing services that you might need for your business. 

Social Media Content Writing:

As you can probably tell by the name, this type of content is written for social media. It can be posts, blog posts, content that a page handler might use for it while keeping its unique essence. Or it can be content for a sponsored ad on social media. Everything you see on social media ranging from product reviews to picture captions, from advertisements to information on stories or bio, all comes under social media content. Hence social media content writing is becoming very popular and is being used all over the world by business owners. Social media content and marketing has its own benefits which we won’t be discussing in this blog of course.

What type of Content Writing Services does a freelance content writer provide?

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