Restro Pro

Product Overview

Welcome to the future of restaurant management, with our innovative software application. Streamline your daily processes and gain total control over your restaurant business.

Our software application is designed to help restaurants streamline their daily processes. From sales and customer record keeping to financial accounts management and multi-user systems, our application has everything you need to run your restaurant more efficiently. With features like table and menu management, user management, and thermal printer POS receipts, our software application is the perfect solution for any restaurant looking to improve their operations.

The Brief

RestroPro was designed with restaurant owners and managers in mind. We understand that running a restaurant can be a challenging task, which is why we created an application that streamlines all of your daily processes. With our software, you can easily manage your sales, customer records, financial accounts, and ledger reports. Our multi-user system ensures that everyone on your team has access to the information they need to do their job effectively. The Table Management feature makes sure you are able to easily keep track of table availability and manage your bookings efficiently. Plus with menu management, you can easily keep track of your restaurant’s menu items and keep your menu up to date. And with thermal printer POS receipts, you can quickly print out orders and receipts for your customers.

The Results

Since implementing RestroPro, our restaurant clients have seen a significant improvement in their operations. With our streamlined processes, they have been able to save time and money, allowing them to focus on providing the best experience for their customers.

Our multi-user system has improved coordination among team members, resulting in better teamwork and productivity. Our dynamic and user-friendly features have allowed restaurants to easily update their menus, floor plans, and made order processing faster and more efficient.

Overall, our software application has helped our clients run their restaurants more smoothly, resulting in increased profitability and customer satisfaction.


Satisfied Customers


Increase in Productivity


Cost Reduction

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