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Is Node JS Frontend Or Backend Or Both?

Many people wonder if Node JS is frontend or backend. Well, it is proving to function as both for high-end applications! With our developers, you don’t have to worry about whether that is Node JS frontend or backend! Our developers use Node JS due to its exceptional runtime environment that allows our top-notch developers to launch both the frontend and backend. Thus, it ensures high-performance web applications using one language i-e JavaScript.  

Moreover, with the use of Node JS, our professional developers can eliminate the need for you to hire different front-end and back-end developers. Using our expertise we can develop both sides of the application for you! Using our offshore technical knowledge we can help you reduce your cost and development time. Thus, with the high-end performance and maintainability of the app, we can save your cost and time.

Features Of Node JS

 Admittedly, Node JS can allow your application to be more flexible while improving speed and quality. Node JS can take fewer codes for building even complex apps. Thus, this can save your cost and time more efficiently and you won’t have to worry that Node JS is backend or frontend. Following are the features Node JS can provide: 

  • Scalable— It tends to provide scalability for several applications. It can boost your customers’ engagement by meeting their requirements.
  • Speed— Node JS is even faster and more efficient due to non-blocking thread execution.
  • Packages— To simplify your large data for your business, Node JS can make it easy by packages.
  • Strong backend—It is written in C and C++, which allows it to support complex features with a greater speed.
  • Multi-platform— It has Cross-platform support, allowing you to create any desktop apps, SaaS websites and mobile apps for all platform users.
  • Maintainable—both the frontend and backend can be managed with a single language that is JavaScript.

Build Enterprise Systems with Node JS

Our company makes sure to deploy your business, enterprise, or startup by our best Node JS developers because we can help you bridge the gap between your enterprise and your legacy. We ensure to build the high-end custom web applications with robust Node JS backends and frontends, to provide you the optimal scalability. 

So, don’t wait and contact us today! And leverage the power and flexibility of Node JS, we can provide for your business. You don’t have to hire two separate developers and worry that is Node JS backend or frontend. We make sure to build flexible and multi-platform customer applications for both server and client sides. So, take advantage of our top-notch Node JS developers. We can help you expand your business by providing immensely flexible and scalable solutions in the following ways:

Web App Development

We ensure to use Node.js application development services on many enterprise projects. We are confident to use Node JS as a powerful tool for delivering high-end flexible apps, that are capable of handling terabytes of the information of your data.

So, contact us today for getting access to top web apps through Node JS. 

Real-Time Apps

We ensure to give you the best RTA development making sure that every process revolves around your requirements and needs. If you want to make your business app stand out, then you need a fast and complex app that can make you ahead of your competitors. Contact us today for real-time applications.

Custom Development

Our best Node JS developers can ensure to create an excellent ecosystem for full-stack development, by building custom apps. Regardless of what apps you need, we work in various sectors such as, health, education, finance and accounting, transport and logistics, and entertainment. Contact us to get a convenient application.

Enterprise Solutions

We know that a large company has high requirements for scalability, user responsiveness, and speed. If you are looking for developers, then our Node JS developers can make complex apps for you. Thus, by integrating high-end features like AVR, Video Streaming, Payment Services, etc, we can make your brand awareness much easier!

Migration To Node.Js

Contact our company and see how our top Node JS can impressively transform your business. By hiring our developers for your project you have to worry less about your customers, and about this that is Node JS frontend or backend. Our first-class company offers migration of your existing or a new app to Node JS.


Our company’s best Node JS developers have the expertise to write both the server-side and client sides in JavaScript. Thus, this can make you stand out in speed and maintenance saving your valuable cost and time. So don’t hesitate to contact our best developers that can provide cutting–edge solutions to you.

Contact Our Peerless Node JS Developers 

Hire Our company’s Developers can provide you with various consulting and maintenance benefits for your brand and business. We ensure to examine every aspect of your business with our professional opinions and ideas, relative to your requirements. Moreover, we ensure that your business is adaptable and more scalable among your target audience. Your enterprise can stand out among your competitors, whether it is a small startup or an old business, we provide options for API, Node JS, and plug-in. Therefore, bring a change into your business by using modern agile and scrum methodology. 

Software Craft is the best company with impeccable Node JS developers. So don’t worry to think that it is Node JS for frontend or backend, because we can make your dream project come to life. So don’t worry about the Node JS frontend or backend. Thus, we ensure to provide cost-effective and on-time delivery of your project. Contact us today, so we can solve complex development and testing challenges for you! 

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