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We Are Providing Wide Range of Quality Assurence Services
  • Agile Testing
  • Defect Management
  • Compatibility test
  • Cross-browser testing
  • Desktop Applictaion
  • Design Test Suit & test cases
  • Web & Mobile API Test
  • Streamline UI/UX testing
  • Get Your Project started with our IT expert

Hire a Software Tester for Edge Cutting Expertise with Testing Tools

Our software quality assurance engineers have professional testing tools and can use various testing tools to build customized apps according to your business needs. What are you waiting for to hire a software tester engineer from us today? Our expertise with testing tools includes:

Our Expertise with Expertise with Testing Tools Includes:
  • Selenium
  • Testing Whiz
  • Katalon Studio
  • Test Complete
  • Ranorex
  • Appium
  • SoapUI
  • Silk Test
  • Squish
Why choose Software Quality Assurance Manager from Us?

Software Craft is a highly recommended web and mobile application testing company and provides you with a variety of reasons for cooperation:

Test Expert

Our quality assurance and testing services help to find bugs and hidden vulnerabilities in your app.

Time Zone Difference

We can handle your project, your working time and time zone overlap time and priority.

Dynamic Team

You can expand or reduce your QA testers according to the requirements of the project.

Best Testing Software

We have the best testing technologies which help to test the apps in real-time.


We have QA experts and QA testing services with extensive expertise at very competitive prices.

Hire a software tester from us for the following services:
  • Network Application Testing
  • Mobile & Desktop App Testing
  • Load Testing
  • Test Automation
  • Database Testing
  • API Testing
  • Game Test
  • Saftey Test
  • Function Test
  • User Acceptence Test
  • System (end-to-end) Testing

Hire a Software Tester for the Best QA Software Development

QA Processing

Hire a tester with professional knowledge to carry out the quality assurance process and the development life cycle, whether automatic or manual. To run and develop any software, quality testing methods and quality assurance methods are the two keys to controlling the life cycle of running programs. Our vetted software test engineers use QA processes and automated tools to test program quality. Furthermore, monitor the quality and optimize the code. We are available for performance testing, regression testing, data conversion testing, etc.

Functional Testing

Hire a software tester with professional knowledge in functional testing that can provide error-free, fully functional and complete foolproof applications by ensuring specific functional compliance and verifying apps. Our software quality assurance engineer and tester are responsible for managing the functions of the relationship with users. Also, our remote quality assurance tester covers all other basic aspects, such as basic usability and accessibility. The functional test completed by the software QA engineer is appropriately tracked and tested to obtain a perfect user experience.

Security Testing

Hire a software tester from our vetted team of test developers who can perform thorough security inspections, including in-depth security assessments and effective risk management. Our software test engineer can prevent any potential vulnerability, improve business continuity, and protect your company's reputation. Our software engineer tester focuses on testing the software according to the defined specifications and meeting the end user's security expectations. We deploy security testing administrations centered on the product.

Mobile Testing

Hire a software tester with expertise in mobile app testing services; we provide high-performance and robust mobile applications. In addition, with remote QA testing, we focus on delivering excellent mobile apps that run seamlessly on all major devices, platforms and OS. Our senior QA specialist has extensive knowledge in mobile compatibility testing services to ensure that your app is displayed and runs seamlessly on various mobile platforms. Hire software QA analyst to ensure a seamless user experience across different mobile platforms and devices to achieve flawless operation.

Test Automation

Get advantage of our remote quality assurance with advanced and best-automated testing tools to initiate end-to-end and comprehensive testing. Our QA software engineer can shorten delivery time and maximize ROI through reliable software testing solutions. Moreover, our software QA services and compatibility testing service ensures the seamless appearance and function of your app across various mobile platforms and other devices. Testing involves analyzing the app with the help of third-party tools. Our software QA manager, through this test automation, can control the execution of test results.

Load Testing Service

Hire a quality assurance expert with expert knowledge to professionally test app performance under high load, measure, and verify operational capabilities to ensure that you can provide a perfect customer experience. Especially for multiplayer video games, look for a quality assurance video game tester. Our state-of-the-art load testing tools ensure that your website and apps maintain continuous performance. Moreover, before your product or website is released, after any code changes, or before expected peak demand, we will identify and run real performance test scenarios in your product or website. Loading time and app performance are the key factors for product success.

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Follow Simple Steps to Hire a Software QA Tester

When you decide to hire our dedicated QA software testers who provide dynamic, custom and scalable solutions, we follow the simple steps below to start work on your project..

  • Send us your detailed project requirements
  • Select candidates for the screening process
  • Accept the interview of selected candidates
  • Start the project onboarding and assign tasks
  • Hire a Software Tester from Us for Any Field

Our quality assurance experts have extensive experience in various industries and can provide you with industry-specific software solutions. Take a look at some of the areas where our software quality assurance engineers have expertise in the following areas:

01 - Health Care

Our senior quality assurance specialist builds cost-effective and scalable apps for customers around the world and helps them grow their businesses exponentially with the help of healthcare app development services. Our software test engineers provide the best solutions for healthcare companies, and we make sure that they have tested applications developed using AR/VR, AI, etc.

02 - Retail & ecommerce

Our software quality assurance specialist provides retail and e-commerce solutions that optimize processes and enable secure transactions while reducing costs. As a leading software QA consulting service provider, we help companies use the best technology, from application development to modernization and maintenance.

03 - ISV and Product Company

Our software quality assurance analyst understands the unique requirements of ISVs and product companies, provides advanced solutions for offshore products, and provides customers with a strong value proposition. As a software quality assurance services provider, we work with other SaaS companies and product companies to help them manage product delivery.

04 - Banking and Finance Solutions

Our experienced and skilled QA software tester of banking and finance can help you innovate, validate, build and expand your products. Whether you are in an early stage, an expansion stage, or a small business, Furthermore, we bridge you and provide the best app from app development to modernization for your end-users.

Software Testing and Quality Assurance as a service

A quality approach

  • Complete clarity and control
  • Powerful end-to-end testing
  • World-class quality assurance engineer
  • In-depth QA knowledge
  • Adaptable process
  • Professional testing of your products

Our Testing Steps

  • How Do We Provide Quality Assurance
  • And Testing Services?

We have a dedicated team of remote QA engineer and quality assurance games tester who provide quality analysis on your app and guarantee complete testing through app testing technology coverage, helping you deliver high-quality products. With years of experience and knowledge, we have the skills and expertise to provide you with innovative and scalable web apps to meet your changing business needs. To hire software quality assurance testing expert, we follow these basic steps to design your app:

01 - Define the project
  • We evaluate your ideas
  • We collect testing requirements
  • Developed an implementation roadmap
02 - Research
  • Thorough market research
  • Analyze audiences and competitors
  • Map your target audience
03 - Design and prototyping
  • Developed an implementation roadmap
  • Provide quality analysis
  • Allocate resources for your project
04 - Development and testing
  • Thorough market research
  • Analyze audiences and competitors
  • Map your target audience

We Offer a Wide Range Of software tester To Hire

We provide you with a wide range of software quality assurance testing services based on the scale of your project to hire a software tester to obtain a successful and error-free web or application solution:

  • Hire a senior quality assurance specialist
  • Hire a video game quality assurance tester
  • Hire a quality assurance game tester
  • Hire a remote QA tester
  • Hire a manual quality assurance tester
  • Hire a software quality assurance specialist
  • Why should you hire a dedicated application development team?

If you need to hire QA tester, we can provide you with suitable offshore professionals. Our QA tester remote services are available full-time, part-time, or on an hourly basis.

Hourly Pricing Plan

The hourly model is designed for customers who have small project requirements or do not fully understand their ideas.

  • Pay only for measurable work.
  • Duration: 8 hours/day, five days/week
  • Billing: weekly/daily/monthly
  • Timetable: based on project
Monthly Pricing Plan

This plan is designed for clients with long-term projects. The project may take several months to a year to complete.

  • Pay only works on your project.
  • Duration: 8 hours/day 5, days/week
  • Billing: Monthly
  • Timetable: based on project
Fixed pricing plan

Fixed pricing plans are suitable for customers with specific project specifications. The project length can be from short to large.

  • Milestone-based payment
  • Fixed deadline and budget
  • No hidden costs
  • Timetable: project-based


How do I hire a software tester?

If you want to hire a software tester, it is important to look for characteristics when interviewing potential candidates. Adaptability: QA manager remote services that your hire has to be able to change the testing strategy to compensate for the strengths and weaknesses of the team. Improvisation: A good QA analyst remote can put forward new ideas immediately. Views on business and results: When you hire QA engineer, focus on what you need now. Multivariate analysis: QA engineer remote services can reduce risk-but only if the tester has the skills to do this.

How much is software testing?

Software testing requirements cannot physically test every scenario. When deciding how many tests should be conducted, you may need to consider the level of risk involved, including technical and business risks and budget or time. The cost to hire a tester that is experienced, high-quality is lower for those associated with substandard testing services. It is valuable to know that software evaluation is based on the unique design and intent of the software. You can hire QA freelancer as per your budget.

What does a software QA tester do?

Software quality assurance testers check new or modified computer software apps to assess whether they are operating as expected. The tester can also verify whether the computer's automatic quality assurance program is operating normally. Software quality assurance testers, also known as software quality assurance analysts, ensure that the website experience is performed correctly before users interact with them. Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QA/QC) testers use ISO 9000 and other tools to test the website to improve any faults or defects and perform security tests while developing the website.

What skills do QA testers need?

QA testers have a variety of responsibilities and require a wide range of skills. From a high level of attention to detail to an in-depth understanding of the data to report and prioritize fixing errors in the code. It helps in finding errors to ensure that the final product is simple and easy to use. Take Advantage of Our Technological Expertise Develop market applications and grow your business with the help of a professional team, you can contact us at info@software-craft.com or raise the ticket. Our support is available 24/7 to respond to you.

Take Adnvantages of Our Tec Expertise

Develop market applications and grow your business with the help of a professional team, you can contact us at info@software-craft.com or raise the ticket. Our support is available 24/7 to respond to you.

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