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We develop .NET-based software products, MVC3/MVC4/MVC5 development, CRM and CMS solutions, and third-party integration. Moreover, you can hire dot net developers hourly workers available offshore to get in touch with our developers with popular expertise and utilize their professional skills to upscale your business. .NET developers build robust, secure, and scalable web applications at an affordable price. In addition, our expertise is

  • Business Intelligence Dashboard
  • Task automation using PowerShell
  • Windows-based application & RIA
  • Develop scalable enterprise software

Hire DOT NET Developers To Accelerate Business Growth!

We help you start your successful business chapter with our high-notch professional and exciting application development journey. Hire DOT NET developers with the highest professional process standards to get interactive, innovative, and user-friendly web application solutions that meet your business needs. Furthermore, we are a highly rated outsourcing software development company that provides offshore software development services.

  • Agile development
  • In-house freelancers
  • Fast and easy onboarding
  • Excellent code quality
  • Frameless method
  • High-quality assurance
  • Hire by the hour or at a fixed cost
  • Affordable price and top quality

Hire Dot Net Developers with a Versatile Business Model

We can provide you with suitable professionals if you need offshore .NET developers or small and medium enterprises. As an offshore .NET development partner, software craft has developed a flexible participation plan for software development projects tailored to customer needs. We use technology to create, connect and grow. If you hire dedicated ASP NET developers from the Software Craft team, you keep track of work progress during the entire development process. If you are looking for an ASP NET programmer for your IT project, get a quote now! Contact us: info@software-craft.com We have developed a flexible participation plan for software development projects.

Less Flexibility/Fixed price Model

When you outsource or Hire dot net developers, you only pay for the required expertise. You can cooperate with our offshore development company and hire part-time or full-time asp developers. You can use the professional knowledge and skills of our full-time developers to minimize our internal resource costs. This model allows customers to pay a fixed price for all milestone deliverables of the entire project. Most suitable for small and medium .NET projects. We can ensure to provide you with reliable full-time .NET developers and constructively transform your existing business model.

Build Your Team Model

Enables you to get the world-class, experienced, and highly skilled hire offshore asp .net consultant just when and where you need them. Software Craft has an experienced professional development team to work full-time or hourly. Our dedicated developers have a wealth of professional knowledge and experience and can provide end-to-end development solutions for start-ups of global enterprises. By hiring our highly qualified and experienced developers, you can enrich your project development, and they will help you create complex software solutions based on your business needs.

Process-Oriented /Milestone Model

As an experienced outsourcing team, we are responsible for ensuring that we monitor progress, reach milestones, and complete projects on time. We use feasibility studies as part of our outsourcing process to provide technical and budget verification of software processes. We provide proof of concept, develop prototypes, and implement quality assurance testing to minimize risks early in the product development cycle. This model is ideal for hiring asp net programmers for iterative and process-oriented projects with defined internal and external milestones. This model allows customers to pay the price for all milestone deliverables of the entire project.

Hire Dot Net Developers to Utilize the Latest Technology Stack

Hire dot net developers with us to turn your app ideas into reality and step up your business!

We build applications that can add value to your business and increase your efficiency through cutting-edge technology. Moreover, we make the process simple, smooth, and intuitive to hire ASP net programmer by taking advantage of our latest technology stack.

01 - Expert Safety

NTLM, SSO, X.509, HTTPS/SSL, Kerberos expertise for .NET application development, with strict authentication, authorization, confidentiality, and integrity

02 - Rich Internet applications

Hire dot net developers for RIA services, .NET Script, Silverlight expertise for rich Internet application development and customization

03 - Web application

Expertise in Advanced technology AngularJS, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET AJAX has rich experience in dot NET development.

04 - Flexible participation mode

Our expert team believes in providing our customers with the flexibility to choose from different participation and recruitment models.

Our Top Dot Net Developer Services

We use powerful tools to provide customers with real value. We provide solutions to real-world problems through better design and technology. We focus on the development of customized applications that have substantial requirements for performance and scalability. Our services include everything from .NET CMS development to NET Web application development, desktop application development, and so on. Hire objective c developer within 72 hours today!

01 - Custom .Net Solutions

Hire .Net developers to form a full-stack c# developer team. We have a wealth of knowledge and unparalleled technical expertise. Our qualified developers can help you create high-performance .Net/Asp.Net applications while keeping in mind constantly changing Business needs. We believe in providing user-friendly, high-performance, scalable and customized solutions to meet your business needs. We build scalable and secure desktop applications for enterprises. Hire asp net MVC developers who are experienced in building feature-rich and mobile-friendly ASP.NET Web applications.

02 - Enterprise .NET Solutions

We use the ASP.NET framework to simplify your business processes and maximize revenue. Hire c# developers to build ASP.NET Web applications built with cloud support and keep their security, speed, and reliability unchanged. Our goal is to provide on-demand API connectivity solutions by leveraging our breakthrough integrations to unify applications and services across various code sources, locally, seamlessly or in the cloud so that enterprises of all sizes can maximize the return on investment of .NET and the benefits of third-party service providers.

03 - .NET CMS Solutions

Our .NET CMS solutions can help you develop dynamic websites and optimize the experience of all digital customers across various channels. Our full-stack c# developers build powerful Web portals and CMS for enterprises. Hire our .Net developers to get a feature-rich CMS for your business. Our developers are proficient in the latest CMS, such as Umbraco, Dotnetnuke, and Kentico. Use our comprehensive Asp.Net CMS solution to optimize your online image. We can help you create a tailor-made Asp.Net CMS solution to provide the best UI/UX experience.

04 - .NET E-commerce Development

Our experienced c net software developers can build and deploy high-performance online storefronts for any enterprise based on ASP.NET e-commerce development. Use our .NET shopping cart e-commerce solution to sell products to companies in multiple industries through online e-commerce stores. Whether you want to build small web applications or develop highly scalable, high-performance, and dynamic enterprise web applications, our experienced and qualified .Net/Asp.Net developer team can help you simplify business operations and develop through Web applications around your business needs.

05 - .NET migration

Want to migrate an existing application from another platform to .NET or upgrade to the current version of .NET? Hire our offshore ASP.NET developers. With the help of our professional c sharp developer, you can migrate your existing old web applications to .Net, and they can even migrate your .Net applications to any other technology of your choice. As a .Net development company, we understand the importance of keeping up-to-date technology, and our team of qualified developers will utilize extensive language integration knowledge to help you migrate legacy applications to .Net and the latest database version.

Our Development Process

Accelerate your business in a new direction with our robust framework. Hire the best c# software developer for your project and get the best .NET expert for your team practically anywhere. Contact software craft now if you are looking for a great combination of skills and affordable price. As an experienced .NET development company, we follow the agile software development process, the international standard for software development.

01 - Needs assessment

Our experts evaluate project requirements, goals, and expectations to formulate a development roadmap. Share the technical specifications of your project with software craft’s technical experts who have the expertise to handle your project in the best possible way.

02 - Service Model Agreement

We recommend the most suitable way of participation and the most appropriate resources according to the project's needs. We share the qualifications of our expert developers, which are best suited to your project requirements.

03 - Design and Development

We deliver high-quality, incremental, and effective software/applications that meet your acceptance criteria and goals. After analyzing our team, your technical team will put candidates on the shortlist and interview them.

04 - Testing and Quality Assurance

Extensive testing, customer feedback, and documentation are integrated into our processes, providing the highest quality products every time. We will sign an agreement with you based on simple terms and conditions. Your data will be kept confidential.

05 - Support

We provide the ideal combination of cost-effective prices and fantastic quality to ensure the lowest prices in our market segments.

Hire Dot Net Developers with Robust .Net Technical Expertise

ASP.Net is a powerful platform designed for the development of advanced and feature-rich Web applications. The framework is supported by Microsoft and can easily meet the diverse needs of modern enterprises through secure and scalable applications. As a leading ASP.Net development company, we provide all the advantages of ASP.Net, a highly reliable, compatible, and secure web application. We thrive by creating attractive and flawless web applications in different industries. Hire dot net developer. Our ASP.Net development services can meet all your business needs. Our dedicated c# software engineer can work in sync with your company to provide your business's best Web application solutions. Our market-oriented ASP.Net project adds value to the business of our customers worldwide.

Enterprise App Development/Maintenance

Our c# asp net developer can build scalable, reliable, and secure—NET-based customized solutions for enterprises of all sizes.

Visual Studio

Our .NET developers have extensive experience in the IDE, coupled with numerous extensions from MS and third-party providers; it improves team collaboration, CI, integration, etc.

NET B2B Portal Development /Solution

Our c# software developer web-based solutions and are good at customizing B2B portal development for your business.


Our dedicated ASP web developers have a deep understanding of the core of Asp.net. This is a redesign of ASP.NET 4.x, not only for Windows but also for macOS and Linux.

NET Migration Service/solution

Our Microsoft c# developer has extensive experience migrating PHP and CGI to ASP.NET to improve its security, speed, and reliability.

CMS Website Development/ Solution

Hire asp net MVC developer we use the MVC architecture to build a custom CMS and framework based on .Net, and provide our customers with modular, reusable, and maintainable code.

CMS Website Development/ Solution

Hire asp net MVC developer we use the MVC architecture to build a custom CMS and framework based on .Net, and provide our customers with modular, reusable, and maintainable code.

Core Skills to Look For When You Hire Dot Net Developers

Net C# developer, especially a full stack freelance c# developer, are in high demand now, which means that there are plenty of such specialists out there and possible clients have to be aware of a part-time c# developer core skills and responsibilities to employ a professional. Our freelance c# developer senior .NET developer has the following skills:

01 - C# Proficient.

Our c# developers are proficient in one of the core languages. The framework allows different languages to write code, of which C# is the most popular language.

02 - Impeccable Coding Skills

Our advanced Dot NET development experts can write their code so that other experts can understand it. The ability of our advanced .NET developers to write multithreaded code is a huge advantage.

03 - Familiarity with the ASP.NET framework.

Hire our freelance c# developer with 10 years of experience using the SQL server and its design and architectural patterns.

04 - Experience in working with Microsoft Architecture

Our advanced Dot NET development experts can write their code so that other experts can understand it. The ability of our advanced .NET developers to write multithreaded code is a huge advantage.

05 - English Proficiency.

Our junior c# developer and seniors have a high level of English proficiency as it is a strict requirement at most companies for clear communication with their team of Dot NET Core developers.

Hire dot net developers: Software craft software development company experts have solid and soft skills, such as teamwork ability, knowledge of the correct way to communicate with customers, and plan things and assess workload.


How Much Does It Cost to hire .NET Developers?

Region difference: Every country has a different economy, and currency exchange rates vary slightly to significant. The rates of a .NET Core development company may differ from another company even within one country; for example, prices in the capital tend to be higher.

Technology stack: The price of developer services depends to a large extent on their expertise. For example, hiring full-stack .NET developers may cost more than entry level c# developers or junior c# developers.

Skill level: If you want to hire an offshore asp.net consultant with a high level of expertise-be prepared to pay more. However, software craft and outsourcing software development companies provide many professional entry-level .Net developers or advanced .Net developers to recruit, saving up to 60% of domestic recruitment costs, which is a rare opportunity for enterprises. However, treat this as an investment, and more experienced developers will execute better and complete projects faster.

Who is the best C# developer?

Best c# developers should have these skills: language syntax, framework classes, third-party libraries, databases, regular expressions, HTTP protocols, etc. Software craft is a highly rated outsourcing company that provides offshore software development services. It is committed to providing powerful, scalable, and reliable solutions for global customers. Hire c# junior developer or senior .Net developer and you can upgrade your existing business model in a super profitable way! You can hire hourly workers or full-time developers to get in touch with our developers with popular expertise.

What is the future of .NET developers?

.NET 5 will support all major desktop development libraries and functions. Windows Forms or Win Forms is part of the UI framework. The four major desktop platforms are:

  • Windows form
  • WPF
  • UWP
  • Xamarin

Take Adnvantages of Our Tec Expertise

Develop market applications and grow your business with the help of a professional team, you can contact us at info@software-craft.com or raise the ticket. Our support is available 24/7 to respond to you.

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