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  • Hire dedicated PHP programmers who can deliver projects that fully meet your needs and requirements.

Hire an Outsourced Development Team for Faster Turnover

Hire dedicated PHP developers from the best offshore web development service providers. Let us shake hands with you today because we are a one-stop solution for all your business needs:

  • We never ruin your budget.
  • We respect that your time is precious.
  • We always make sure to deliver the right solutions
  • We have in-house staff and NO freelance PHP developers

Our team of experts builds PHP apps based on your business needs. We build scalable, reliable, and affordable web applications. Our PHP programmers consistently provide high-quality business solutions. Our professional PHP developers use all major PHP frameworks, including:

  • Laravel
  • Yii
  • Symfony
  • Code igniter

How to hire Dedicated PHP developers from Software Craft?

We have established a diversified expert library for one-time tasks. Work with our team with professional skills. We follow the easy process of hire PHP freelancers:

Step 01 - Dedicated team

The hiring process starts with determining the needs within the organization. Share the technical requirements of your project with software craft experts.

Step 02 - Make a plan

We will determine how the new role will align with your goals and business plan. We share certificates of expert developers that best suit your project requirements.

Step 03 - Distribute

The first funnel filter is processed by the company's human resources (HR), where we will share the expertise of our team with you. Your technical team will arrange an interview with the developer.

Step 04 - Sign Protocol

We will sign an agreement with you on simple terms and conditions after hire PHP developer from our team. Your data and all information will be kept confidential.

Step 05 - Regular project updates

Our dedicated PHP developers become part of your project and start working on your project immediately

Software Craft Team | the Future of PHP App Technology Developer

Listed below are some of the benefits our customers experience when hiring software craft expert developers

Android team of Developers

Use our resources to automate business and reduce costs through PHP-based solutions. We have a talent pool of experienced and professional PHP developers who can provide innovative solutions. Hire dedicated PHP programmers to implement quality-driven solutions and stand out in a world full of ordinary solutions.

Optimized solutions

Hire dedicated PHP developers from a knowledgeable team to build exclusive solutions for your business. More importantly, our PHP experts use verified SEO-optimized quality codes to help our customers attract more high-quality traffic to their websites. We build applications for providing all solutions regarding your business.

Clear and transparent

Hire best PHP developers for your project because we prioritize customer satisfaction through precise project schedules and progress discussions. Keeping up-to-date throughout the project and verifying their suggestions makes the journey between the customer and us worthwhile. We provide world-class application development services at affordable costs

Innovative solutions

We have skilled and professional PHP programmers available for hire, and you can get scalable enterprise-level web apps, content management systems, websites, e-commerce solutions, etc., to cover your business needs. Moreover, we are using the latest tools and technologies; we help you provide excellent web solutions that will give you a competitive advantage in your industry.

Expert web solution

We provide customers with high-quality PHP solutions to protect them from errors and malicious attacks. Hire PHP software team to automate your business and get a scalable web solution for your project based on a PHP framework. Moreover, you can hire software programmers with extensive experience in developing software applications (including e-commerce stores, mobile, CMS, etc.) from us.


All the services we provide are priced reasonably to maintain our customers competitiveness and ensure that our customers get the greatest ROI. Hire remote PHP developers from our team, and we help you achieve high-quality goals at a low cost. Our Laravel freelancer development team works with high quality and scales as needed, thereby saving up to 60% of your internal recruitment costs.

Flexible model

We provide a flexible mode of participation, whether customers want to meet their needs within a specific period or on a project basis. Hire contract PHP programmers online on a monthly, part-time, hourly, or full-time basis as needed. At the same time, we have developed a flexible participation plan for software development projects. We understand that your needs will vary from project to project.

Hire the Best Php Developers for the Best Php Development Services and Solutions Hire dedicated PHP programmers who craft applications designs exquisitely following the latest PHP versions. Our skilled developers embellish your website with a lot of endurance, creativity, and a correct understanding of the proven PHP technology.

Custom PHP Development

Hire PHP web developers with extensive experience in building highly secure, robust, valuable, and high-performance PHP web applications. Our dedicated PHP experts provide a rich user-friendly experience to take your business to a new level through our customized solutions. Hire our developers with extensive experience in building highly secure, robust and high-performance PHP web applications.

PHP Web Application Development

Software craft has a group of excellent PHP coders for hire. We have built 100+ highly customizable web applications to meet the various business needs of our global customers. Using PHP, our developers can help customers develop technically and economically scalable solutions for a more extensive range and scale of enterprises. Hire PHP web developers to develop dynamic and interactive websites.

PHP-based CMS Development

Our PHP developers use PHP as a programming language to provide open source CMS customization and development services for small businesses, medium-sized enterprises and large organizations. Witness the complex and multi-layered CMS website development that meets the needs and requirements of your industry. Hire PHP web developers for the most flexible web programming languages.

Develop e-commerce through PHP

You can hire PHP programmers from software craft at cheap rates. Our experts use WordPress, Joomla, Magento, and other web and mobile platforms to provide high-quality e-commerce solutions. To hire PHP web developers through us you get professional e-commerce solutions and CMS development services from domain experts.

PHP Migration and Upgrade

Hire dedicated PHP developers and with the help of our PHP programmers, upgrade your PHP applications to the latest PHP version or migrate seamlessly from existing .NET, Python or any other framework. By hiring PHP developers from us, you have subscribed to use PHP to integrate and upgrade your existing applications — whether on Python, .NET, Nodejs, or other platforms.

PHP maintenance and support

Our PHP coders following best practices will take the initiative to take care of your PHP applications and provide free after-sales maintenance and support 24/7. With us, you hire PHP coder who can manage and maintain your web applications following best practices. In addition, our offshore PHP developers manage and maintain your web applications in accordance with best practices.


The software Development Process of the Software Craft

We have an exclusive team for you to hire PHP smarty developers who provide feature-rich and highly customized apps development. With years of experience and knowledge, we have the skills and expertise to provide you with innovative and scalable web applications to meet your changing business needs. The PHP coder for hire follows the following basic steps to develop your software:

01 - Product Design

When you hire dedicated PHP developers from us after experts start working over product designing. After the requirements analysis, we chose a development platform, such as .NET, Java, Laravel, Ruby on Rails or FileMaker. In addition, we designed the user interface and user experience of our application in this step. Considering the target users and main functions of the software application, a user-friendly and modern-looking user interface are designed. The product design layout is further used as the basis for the next step of the development cycle. In the next step involving coding, the development team must come up with a plan to implement the programming language.

02 - Product Development

After the product design phase, our PHP development team enters the coding and implementation phase. Once our development team has mastered the requirements specifications and design documents, software developers start programming. In addition to coding, developers also conduct unit or module testing at this stage in order to find potential problems as early as possible in the development stage. You can hire PHP coders of software crafts and outsourced coding activities. If you want to hire a PHP programmer in the UK or in the USA we have cheap solutions for you. You can outsource our best talent.

03 - Testing

After the coding and implementation steps, our team can conduct integration and verification tests. Our software development service team is in the process of continuously releasing different software applications for various purposes, so this process is necessary because the test product strongly supports all available parameters. This stage exposes potential errors in the product. Test the interaction between various modules and/or external systems here. After the integration test, a verification test will be performed to test the final software product based on the requirements and UI/UX design from the end user's perspective. In the end, experts run the final testing to decide the end product. If the PHP app no longer contains more (unacceptable) issues, then deploy the application.

04 - Product deployment

We only hire a PHP development team that follows SDLC step by step. Once the PHP app passes the testing phase, the product is deployed. Once the product is ready, the first batch of products will be launched and open to the public. This is called Beta testing. If any changes are needed due to customer feedback, or any errors not found during the testing phase, they can be corrected and implemented during this PHP app development phase. Such a server can be one of the company's own servers, or it can be located in the "cloud" for maintenance and operation.

05 - Maintenance

Once all the above steps are successfully passed and the software product is fully put on the market, the product must remain operational and the product needs to be maintained. This involves fixing problems, hiring dedicated PHP developers to keep the system up to date with operating system patches, or using third-party software updates. If the user base of a software product increases significantly, it may need to be expanded in the form of additional processing power, memory and/or database capacity to keep the system running smoothly.


How much does it cost to hire a PHP developer?

Hire dedicated PHP developers to provide high-quality services at reasonable prices. The type of application used, design and database, number of integrations, and other factors can significantly affect the final cost. If you want to hire PHP developers USA it may be much more expensive compared to hire PHP developers in PK. Contact Software Craft to hire dedicated PHP developer. The professional team will complete your project on time and within budget. Request a free quote now, compare and determine the quality of service, and you will indeed find it best for your project.

How do I hire a PHP developer?

To hire dedicated PHP developers, you have to deal with a few things first-you should collect all the requirements for the developers you want them to complete for you. It is important to discuss the project's complexity in detail, such as budget and time constraints. According to the selected developers and technology, finalize an agreement with our team. After you confirm, the software craft team will set everything up and connect you with the developers.

Who is the best PHP developer?

If you want to hire dedicated PHP developers, these are the best PHP developer qualities you must consider. Excellent developers must have a keen understanding of the latest programming practices and Web technologies. In addition, developers can provide detailed descriptions of website specifications, such as product features, budgets, programming languages, communication protocols, functions, structures, and deadlines. Software crafts have experienced and dedicated PHP developers. You can hire dedicated PHP developers to implement quality-driven solutions and stand out in a world full of ordinary solutions.

Where to hire PHP developers?

On info@software-craft.com, you can hire dedicated PHP developers to build websites, online stores, software, maintain existing code, and migrate to new platforms. We are the leading IT Company providing a comprehensive software development service environment for various application development. Hire dedicated PHP developers from us who are experts in a wide range of programming languages. Our specialty is the development of client-server applications, including network-enabled/intranet-enabled applications. Our practical system development method and effective customer participatory project management can ensure the optimal use of resources and facilities and easy implementation of the system.

Take Adnvantages of Our Tec Expertise

Develop market applications and grow your business with the help of a professional team, you can contact us at info@software-craft.com or raise the ticket. Our support is available 24/7 to respond to you.

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