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Hire Laravel Developer for custom web app development using PHP, routing, templating HTML, as well as authentication.
  • Develop transparency in all aspects
  • Innovation and originality
  • User-centric design
  • Follow your budget
  • Follow the schedule
  • Complete documentation
  • Exchange PHP and object-oriented

Hire Dedicated Laravel Developer from Software Craft Reliably

Our software quality assurance engineers have professional testing tools and can use various testing tools to build customized apps according to your business needs. What are you waiting for to hire a software tester engineer from us today? Our expertise with testing tools includes:

  • Flexible development
  • 24/7 Global Support
  • Qualified professionals
  • Dedicated management
  • Seamless communication
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Upright & transparency
  • Flexible participation model

Best Remote PHP laravel developer Available to Hire

Hire Laravel expert developers from our team to gain a competitive advantage in their industry. Thereby, many satisfied customers recommend our software development company for their project development. If you need a developer, hire expert Laravel developer from us and add it to your team within 24 hours. Just send an email to info@software-craft.com

Best Remote PHP laravel developer Available to Hire

  • Laravel consulting & planning
  • Laravel web development
  • Laravel extension development
  • Laravel migration and updates
  • Laravel support and maintenance
  • Laravel customization and integration

Hire Dedicated Laravel Developer with Time & Money Flexibility

Software Craft provides you to hire Laravel developers based on contracts and projects to build a platform for various business groups. Moreover, our dedicated Laravel programmers design, develop, deploy and integrate to drive effective services. Therefore, if you need to hire remote PHP Laravel developers, we can provide you with suitable offshore professionals. Our dedicated Laravel developers can provide full-time, part-time, or hourly services. Along with this, we have developed a flexible participation plan for software development projects. We understand that your needs will vary from project to project. This is why our flexible pricing model considers the range and maturity of demand and infrastructure, operations, and other factors that contribute to efficient execution.

Hence, if you are looking for freelance Laravel developers for your project, get a quote now! Contact us: info@software-craft.com. Using our non-linear and agile pricing methods, you can choose models based on time and expense constraints:

Full time

Software Craft has an experienced professional development team available on a full-time basis. By hiring our highly qualified and skilled developers, you can enrich your project development, and they will help you create complex software solutions based on your business needs.

Pay only works on your project.
  • Duration: 8 hours/day, 5 days/week
  • Billing: Monthly
  • Timetable: based on project


This model is ideal for iterative and process-oriented projects with defined internal and external milestones. Therefore, it allows customers to pay for all milestone deliverables for the entire project.

  • Milestone-based payment
  • Fixed deadline and budget
  • No hidden costs
  • Timetable: Project-Based/Hourly

You can use the professional knowledge and skills of our efficient developers to minimize your internal resource costs. Similarly, we can make sure to provide you with reliable part-time dedicated Laravel developers who can constructively change your existing business model.

  • Pay only for measurable work.
  • Duration: 8 hours/day 5 days/week
  • Billing: weekly/daily/monthly
  • Timetable: based on project

Hire dedicated Laravel Developer for Latest Laravel Developments

We always let our valued customers know the progress records of their projects. In addition, we have certified full-stack developers, and our programmers, coders, and designers have extensive experience, enabling them to deliver the most complex projects seamlessly. Hire dedicated Laravel developer from our dedicated team of developers reliably. Laravel is an excellent open-source PHP web framework, which is free. On GitHub, it has gained the status of the most acclaimed PHP framework. Therefore, hiring our dedicated Laravel developers will allow you to obtain professional help in web development and ultimately achieve fruitful results.

Hire dedicated Laravel developer from our team for the following services:

Hire Android developers of the software craft and get in-depth technical advice so that you can choose the right application technology stack for your project. Get advice on your Android application ideas from our Android application experts.

01 - Custom web application development

Hire dedicated Laravel developer for rapid web application development services. Software craft is a reliable Laravel development company by providing you a platform where customers are welcome to put forward all their unique ideas, reflecting the products they want to develop for their business, and take advantage of the dedicated web personalized web application with first-class features and functions implemented by Laravel experts. In addition, we work to enhance your application UI/UX, improve back-end performance, or integrate your application with old systems.

02 - Laravel API Development

Our dedicated Laravel expert developers can implement or connect internal and external API services for mobile, PC/desktop, platform or web applications. In addition, they have extensive experience in the consumption or real-time sharing of data with third parties around the world. Therefore, through customized restful API development, your application can seamlessly connect with third-party systems and tools. Additionally, with more than 10 years of experience, our dedicated Laravel 5 expert developers can quickly and effectively provide efficient web development outsourcing services for your website.

03 - Test-Driven Development

Hire Laravel freelancer top talent for building custom web apps. We are experts at providing the most straightforward solutions to the most complex problems. The products developed by our professionals are thoroughly tested before being introduced to the market. Moreover, our quality analysis team ensures zero defects in the products released from our desks. We use the latest tools and technologies to execute the QA process to ensure an error-free solution. Consequently, our Laravel developers provide all web application development services through basic and expressive syntax. The core functions of the application we created are rich and easy to use.

04 - Migration & Upgrading

Hire dedicated Laravel developer with the skills you require. We provide the best outsourcing software development services; we always pay attention to your requirements and provide information safely and reliably. Along with the right set of migration and migration technologies. With this in mind, you can hire professional Laravel developers from the software craft to ensure that all your data can be migrated smoothly. Our developers will maintain and update the functionality of your application based on business needs. Our developers support migration, no need to worry about data loss or any other features because our Laravel developers are good at implementing smooth migration of Laravel solutions.

05 - Enterprise Laravel Solutions

Looking for a Laravel developer for hire? We are a Laravel solutions experts team consisting of highly qualified programmers. We can create cost-effective and flexible solutions that can run across devices and meet your business needs. Therefore, we combine dedicated Laravel experts with a wealth of expertise in advanced technology. We may provide you with the best enterprise-level web application of your choice. Hire dedicated Laravel developer with extensive experience in building secure, efficient, and stable web applications. We have experienced experts to bring new advantages to your business. Indeed, our exquisite migration and upgrade services fully help you.

06 - AI & Machine Learning

Hire Laravel developers, combined with advanced technology to provide end-users with a new experience. Additionally, our dedicated web Laravel experts have extensive experience in machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies and can offer you future-oriented enterprise-level applications. We are one of the world's leading Laravel developers. Altogether, we use advanced technology and make full use of Bootstrap to provide you with a feature-rich website. Our website is user-friendly and helps your business development.

07 - Laravel Maintenance and Support

We use the latest tools and technologies for Laravel development. Our experienced designers work out a perfect and user-friendly design to create a responsive and pixel-perfect website for you. Moreover, our developers ensure that you receive 24/7 support and maintenance services to maintain your application. We respond to all your questions and queries to provide you with better customer satisfaction. Consequently, our Laravel team is always there to support you and maintain your website. We guide you to understand the latest market models and the latest advanced technologies so that you can keep abreast of them.

05 - Laravel CMS Developer

The software craft provides comprehensive CMS services, as well as Laravel web development services. Besides that, our team of expert Laravel developers can effectively meet your needs, efficiently process your content or different business data, and quickly build your applications. Our developers use CMS to implement core features and functions on your website fast. As well as, our programmers focus on CMS customization features to help your website be efficient, updated and relevant. Last but not least our Laravel developers provide you with advanced Laravel CMS development by bringing agility to your content optimization and update work to help you simplify CMS tasks.

How to Hire Dedicated Laravel Developer of Software Craft?

Our simple recruitment process to hire dedicated Laravel developers:


Once you inquire about your project, we will contact you.


Dedicated Laravel resources will be allocated for you.


Once satisfied with the interview, the resource will be hired.

To pay

We will discuss payment terms and start work.

Why should you hire dedicated Laravel developer from Software craft?

01 - Skilled resources

You can hire a team of experienced professionals with extensive domain expertise.

02 - Seamless Communication

You can use any convenient method (Skype/email/phone) to communicate with your team in real-time.

03 - Cost-effective

When you hire a dedicated developer from us, make sure to complete it on time.

04 - Code and backup management

We have robust code and backup management to prevent any unnecessary problems.

05 - No training and retention costs

You can save on training and employee retention costs by hiring a team of developers.

06 - Daily/weekly reports

You can know the status of the project at any time through the regular reports of the team.

07 - Safe environment

When we process your project, your confidential company data is completely safe.

08 - Flexible price model

When you hire dedicated developers, we provide flexibility in pricing and scalability.


How do I hire Laravel developer?

If you are looking for Laravel developer freelancer and need help to hire dedicated Laravel developer easily, here are few things to consider before hiring Laravel developers:

01 - Project requirements

Here, it is important to describe all project requirements to the developers.

02 - Purpose

You should correctly mention the ultimate goal of your project and the type of function they hope to achieve through the application.

03 - The testing process

All start-ups, SMEs, and large companies should verify their testing methods with developers and how they will apply for their projects.

04 - Delivery cost and time:

You must determine the project's total cost when hiring a developer and estimate the delivery time.

05 - Guarantee

To ensure that all problems with your application can be easily identified and resolved, you should sign a contract with the developer.

Lastly, when interviewing developers, validating portfolios and early experience are significant considerations. From this, you can predict the future performance of the candidate. If you need further assistance and are looking for the best service providers for your project, drop a mail today. Contact us: info@software-craft.com to hire dedicated Laravel developer.

Are Laravel developers in demand?

Nowadays, Laravel angular js developer hire are in high demand. Due to inflated demand for the angular js Laravel developer hire, the PHP Laravel project has spawned a need for talent, which has led to an increase in developer salary rates. This significant upheaval of Laravel is the best PHP framework. It is easy to maintain and contains built-in functions, making your development cost higher. Additionally, the PHP framework has become an important element of internet development because the standards of internet applications continue to grow. A development framework supported by many developers worldwide may be a wise way to develop homemade and interactive Internet applications.

What is a Laravel developer?

Laravel developers are software experts who specialize in the Laravel framework. As a popular open-source PHP framework, Laravel is widely known for its simple, elegant, and expressive syntax. It is designed to make the development process easier for developers without affecting the Web application's functionality. In addition, Laravel developers are experts who specialize in the Laravel framework. They use the PHP programming language to build and maintain innovative and robust web-based applications to enhance the user experience and ensure HTML, CSS and shared JavaScript across applications. Looking for the best service provider for your project and want to hire Laravel freelance developer? Send an email immediately. To hire dedicated Laravel developer

contact us: info@software-craft.com. Software Craft is a reliable Laravel development company; it provides a platform, welcomes customers to put forward all their unique ideas, reflecting the products they want to develop for their own business.

How do I become a good Laravel developer?

Laravel experts must be proficient in essential network technologies. They must be knowledgeable about CSS, HTML, and JavaScript; otherwise, they will not complete the application. In addition, understanding these programming languages applies to every web developer, not just Laravel. Another basic but vital skill required to become a successful Laravel or any developer is effective communication skills. Laravel experts must know how to convey information in as few words as possible. If you are looking for a Laravel part-time hire for your project, please get a quote now! Contact us: info@software-craft.com. Hire Laravel freelance developers from software craft who are proficient in communication and skilled in developing Laravel solutions. Our dedicated developers are designed for excellence, and they provide first-class Laravel web development services around the clock that can easily match your existing Team to help you build functional Web solutions that meet business needs.

Take Adnvantages of Our Tec Expertise

Develop market applications and grow your business with the help of a professional team, you can contact us at info@software-craft.com or raise the ticket. Our support is available 24/7 to respond to you.

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