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Hire Our Experienced Data Scientist for Big Data Solution & Services

Our data scientists can help you remove obsolete and redundant data, gain insights from collected data, optimize processes and increase productivity through data analysis. In terms of technology stacks, the data scientists we hire are experienced in the following areas:

  • Big data analysis and business intelligence
  • Artificial Intelligence and Neural Network
  • Machine learning and deep learning
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Hire data scientist for the top-notch Data Science Services

Data Analysis Application Development Service

Our data analyst freelancer collects and processes your data to provide quick one-time or repetitive analysis insights. Moreover, it helps you choose the best data analysis strategy and guides you to design, develop, implement and improve proprietary data analysis solutions. We support customers through data analysis application development to obtain direct insights from raw data, streaming data, or static data, no matter where it is stored. We focus on services such as developing innovative database solutions, data collection, visualization, and analysis.

Business Intelligence Service

Software craft’s remote data analyst provides a variety of competitive business intelligence (BI) and big data industry solutions to help companies develop effective strategies to reduce risks and waste of resources. Hire our data scientists for BI services and data science business apps to guide customers to better understand the key indicators and events surrounding their processes, operations, and procedures. Moreover, we implement a wide range of BI solutions and provide our customers with key insights through our data science development services

Predictive analysis service

Our customers are in a leading position in their niche market by understanding data patterns and predicting future trends. This is what we do with the software's craft predictive analysis service. Using the expertise of our data analyst scientist in hosting services, organizations can infer patterns, including patterns that have occurred and patterns that have not yet occurred. Moreover, within the subscription fee, you can perform data analysis on a fully customized cloud analysis platform built and maintained by a hire best data scientist from our team.

Data Engineering Services

Software craft is an outsourcing data science service company with extensive experience. We negotiate with customers on tools and frameworks that can support their on-site data science and analysis teams. Likewise, we design and implement analytics solutions with basic functions to meet your current data analysis needs and expand as they grow. Furthermore, your data analysis solution may include DWH, OLAP cubes, and data visualization. Contact us now for reliable data science, data mining and big data components.

Prescriptive Data Solutions

Hire data scientists from our team to upgrade existing data analysis solutions to achieve the greatest return on investment and meet new data analysis needs. Customers trust us to make decisions about their business system configuration, plan, or design based on standardized data solutions and analysis services. If companies want to optimize decision-making, especially critical business decisions, they should consider solving normative data solutions, including normative analysis services. This is the right way to balance business goals and constraints on available resources.

Best Machine Learning Service

We provide efficient machine learning services to integrate the best way to integrate ML solutions into your business. Our services cover the entire ML model construction life cycle. We are responsible for everything from data collection to feature selection to AI model engineering, deployment, and maintenance. Moreover, our reliable and well-designed end-to-end management platform can quickly perform data science tasks. These platforms help customers integrate, allow teams to collaborate efficiently, apply open source tools in their work and expand as needed.

Our Approach

Hire Data Scientist to Adopt the Best Development Systematic Approach


We will analyze your current workflow and figure out how to incorporate AI to drive better business results.


We help customers build infrastructure to achieve efficient data collection, data flow, exploration and transformation.


Our experts use the latest methods to deploy and integrate data classification and data analytics quickly.


Our expert guidance can help AI-savvy companies manage, optimize, and expand existing AI capabilities.

Data Science Applications Developed By Our Expert Data Scientists

01 - Marketing engagement

We help you understand your audience more deeply, improve customer segmentation, proximity positioning, customer churn prevention, customer lifetime value prediction, etc.

02 - Health care

Our data scientists introduce automation elements to your disease management, allowing your company to save a lot of money.

03 - Finance

We use AI to predict future sales accurately, assess the level of risk, and accurately evaluate the reputation of each potential customer.

04 - Tourism and Hospitality

We conduct sentiment analysis on customer reviews and better inform your customer service strategies. You can also use AI to better track, predict, and optimize company travel plans.

Data Science Applications Developed By Our Expert Data Scientists

Hire experienced data scientists with us to improve all modules of uber's core ridesharing products. Hiring qualified data scientists, data engineers and data analysts is so easy with us. Outsourcing our data scientists comes with the following benefits:


Instead of hiring generalists, you can hire our vetted data scientist experts in specific fields. We have experts as per your needs.


Hiring our remote experts will be cheaper than creating workspaces and hiring internal staff if you need programmers on a project basis.

Effective management

If you hire data scientists from our team, you will find a dedicated team with built-in project managers who effectively organize teamwork and communicate with you.

Efficient use of Resources

By choosing our remote team to work on your project, you can free up some time to deal with other important items on the to-do list. Our team or project manager will coordinate the process on your behalf.


We have field experts with years of experience. Launching a product? Need guidance? Contact us now and we will discuss with you the best approaches with stats and figures.

Follow Simple Steps to hire data scientist from us

If you are looking for the answer to how to hire a data scientist from us. If you decide to hire our dedicated remote data scientist who provides dynamic, custom and scalable solutions, we follow the simple steps below to start work on your project.

  • Send us your detailed project requirements.
  • Select candidates for the screening process
  • Accept the interview of selected candidates
  • Start the project onboarding and assign tasks

Hire our access to all data and analysis skill sets

  • Data Architect
  • Machine learning engineers
  • Business Intelligence Consultant
  • Data Controller
  • Chief Data Engineer
  • Senior engineer
  • Data Governance Engineer
  • Data analysis consultant

Hire data scientists with Our Flexible Pricing Model

If you need to hire freelance data scientist, we can provide you with suitable offshore professionals. Our data scientist remote is available full-time, part-time, or on an hourly basis.

Hourly Pricing Plan

The hourly model is designed for customers who have small project requirements or do not fully understand their ideas.

  • Pay only for measurable work.
  • Duration: 8 hours/day, five days/week
  • Billing: weekly/daily/monthly
  • Timetable: based on project
Monthly Pricing Plan

This plan is designed for clients with long-term projects. The project may take several months to a year to complete.

  • Pay only works on your project.
  • Duration: 8 hours/day 5, days/week
  • Billing: Monthly
  • Timetable: based on project
Fixed pricing plan

Fixed pricing plans are suitable for customers with specific project specifications. The project length can be from short to large.

  • Milestone-based payment
  • Fixed deadline and budget
  • No hidden costs
  • Timetable: project-based


How to hire data scientist?

If you want to hire a data scientist for your next project, you must consider some important considerations. When you hire data scientists, they should meet or exceed the technical competency threshold. We should strive to create high-performance, high-functioning, flexible, adaptable and smart people, not just technically savvy people. Given the highly technical nature of data science, most professionals in this field are hired based on their expertise in statistics and modeling and their ability to use machine learning and other cutting-edge tools and technologies. Software craft has one of such high-performance data scientists, and they have a background in software engineering and computer science—they know how to program and code.

You can contact info@software-craft.com to hire a data scientist.
Should I hire a data scientist?

Most organizations should hire data scientists. Getting data scientist for hire as early as possible can help shape some of the requirements around data and analytics functions because they usually involve many business areas. Moreover, Data scientists understand your unique industry from the beginning, which means they can more easily understand and interpret data to make predictions-without you having to hire an external expert (or three experts).

How much does it cost to hire a data scientist?

It depends on the nature of the product. To hire part time analyst remote from the agency, they will charge a fee based on the project and estimate the time and resources spent on your project. They look at the scope of the project, estimate the number of hours, and then multiply the number of hours by their hourly rate. They added a few hours of buffer time and sent quotes. However, data scientist freelance services can freely set rates based on their own experience. Freelance data analyst hourly rate in the market is $40/hour, while the high-end hourly salary may be as high as $300/hour or more! On average, the cost of a freelance data scientist rate will cost you $80/hour.

Take Adnvantages of Our Tec Expertise

Develop market applications and grow your business with the help of a professional team, you can contact us at info@software-craft.com or raise the ticket. Our support is available 24/7 to respond to you.

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