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Hire Backend Developers For Sterling Server Management

To hire backend developers is very critical in the web/mobile development team. As he will be responsible for creating, as well as maintaining your website server, database and application by using web technologies like Java, Python, Go, etc. If you are looking for reliable company developers to make your life easier then Software Craft is the best option you can avail. We are the leading company to hire backend developers, who know your requirements better.

On the other hand, our backend developers validate and store the encrypted information into the database, which further directs the user to the front-end display. Thus, the information is facilitated by the user more conveniently.


Responsibilities Of Our Backend Developers

For a credible website, our top-tier backend programmers make sure to code swiftly and accurately. Concurrently, by going through several reassuring methods during the backend development phase, for giving you a quality product, based on your requirements and needs. Thus, the following are the responsibilities that our developers tend to achieve: 

  • Cloud computing integration.
  • Backend frameworks for building server-side.
  • Web server technology.
  • Operating system management.
  • Fine API integration using AJAX, SOAP, and JSON.
  • Server-side programming languages.
  • Top Security setting and prevention of hackers.
  • Creating a regular backup.
  • Content management system (CMS) development and its maintenance.
  • Continuous reporting through analytics and statistics.
  • Creation of Database technologies like MySQL, MongoDB, and Oracle.
  • Administering servers like Microsoft IIS, Linux, Apache, etc. for development and deployment of the system.

Hire Backend Developers To Access Cutting-edge Technology

Be it your website or web application, there is always a sum of layers of hidden technologies that define the structure, design, and functionalities. Consequently, powering up the entire

webpage for better use. That is where the backend plays a vital role. Moreover, our top-notch backend developers ensure to build the best backend framework. They are responsible for providing a smooth desktop-like experience and the information from the database directly to the browser. 

Choose wisely to hire freelance backend developer, as our top-class developers intend to build a convenient user-friendly desktop or mobile framework. Moreover, our freelance backend developer provides the best solution for companies that need to offer at the lowest rates. Due to the competition on freelance platforms, our best freelance developers for hire provide the best engineering primary tools. As a result, create an application, server, and database for your website.

Therefore, our leading developers use server-side languages like Ruby, Python, Go, Java, PHP, R, or Node.js to build an application for outstanding programming frameworks for both mobile and web development environments. Thus, the following are the top-edge technology frameworks used by our expert developers for playing a significant role in building secure apps and networks:

Ruby on Rails:

Where a server-side web app framework is written in the Ruby programming language to run on Linux OS. Thus, taking less compilation time.


This open-source web framework is used in Python database-driven websites, for the creation of rapid web projects. Thus, allowing our developers to quickly grasp the project’s needs along with the structure, for more accuracy.


This popular PHP framework is used by our developers for back-end web application development, simplifying the development process.


Our developers use this framework to develop complete web applications and APIs, Express (also called Express.js). As a result, create quick applications with the minimal development effort.

For Pre-eminent Services Hire Backend Developers 

Our company ensures flexible and efficient custom backend development for various web, mobile, and cloud-based applications, supported across multiple domains. We tend to fulfill your requirements with our cutting-edge development team, to give you the best results you are looking for. Thus, providing you customized solutions that will give you a plus-point in achieving your desired business goals.

For this reason, it is important to choose your potential developers from our company, and understand what we can offer our customers. Thus, by utilizing premier technology frameworks for a foremost website for your business project.

However, our back-end development services are not only about making a server, application, and database to communicate efficiently with each other. At the same time, we also ensure to build a product that seamlessly meets the market needs. Altogether, we provide the following services for creating a lavishing user experience, to earn your business client’s loyalty:

The back-end for your mobile app:

If you need a backend app that stores, secures, and processes your data more smoothly for a responsive user interface, then we are here for you to meet your business needs. Thus, by adding user registration, login, and syncing of data, that is compatible with various platforms and devices.

The back-end for your front-end app:

Our dedicated team is here for you if you need someone to support your front-end development team, in developing the backend part. Thus, our developers offer to connect the front-end with the back-end microservice conveniently using flexible deployment objects.

Web API development:

If you have a legacy web application that you want to integrate with your other applications or third parties, then hit us up! Because our top-notch developers can deliver the desired API layers, allowing advanced functionalities and features to the website. Thus, ensuring a more enjoyable and interactive site for users.

How many backend developers should I hire?

You can hire as many backend developers, depending on the scope and scale of your business project. Without exception, your team should have around two to three backend developers for better convenience.

Hire Renowned Backend developers From Our Company

As the importance of having a dynamic website is growing significantly every day. So, when you are deciding to have a professional website of your own with manageable and secure backend development, you can look for Software Craft. We are reckoned to have the best backend development services. Take note of this opportunity now! That is why hire backend developers from our company, who are experienced enough to power up your website using their prime knowledge. Therefore, by hiring the best backend developers for your business, whom you can count on in terms of cyber secure and agile backend development methods, we can further assist your team to stand out by providing solutions for more efficient and appropriate services to your business and your customers.