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Filhaal UK is a very interesting and known client to the public nowadays. They started their SEO marathon with another SEO agency that couldn’t provide transparent communication. Filhaal UK came to Software Craft for the change and transformation we offer. We provided them with SEO solutions to rebrand their entity and provided solutions to launch new products.

Software Craft and Filhaal UK brought up a common motive that was empowering the nation and worked through multiple strategies to support and empower the clients. Software Craft not only provided solutions but throughout the project tenure made many communication sessions with different employees and stakeholders of the Filhaal UK. The sessions were conducted to deliver the motive and its necessity and the time duration which was needed to perform the strategy to its best to achieve the required goals.

Stayed up to date with every Evolution

The fast pace of ever-changing requirements of the Filhaal UK was no doubt a big blocker but with it was making a strategy for the search engines to recognize the industrial keywords required to rank. The challenges were faced throughout the companionship of Software Craft and Filhaal UK. During the tenure, even policy changes were also faced by both parties yet the companionship lead to adjustment, and high achievements were made. No assumption went unchallenged as keyword research took multiple turns until we hammered out a strategy that delivered results directly to Filhaal UK’s bottom line.It was quite observant that the extra efforts were made from both sides and it was worth it in terms of traffic approach later on.

Our Achievements

By the time came the achievements periods where our SEO strategies have grown to become fruitful. We were able to drive quality and traffic on the website of Filhaal UK which had the potential for conversion. We achieved almost 68% engagement and among them the conversion from the organic traffic in the very first month.

Generic Results

The Filhaal UK retained very steady traffic and sales were boosted in the manner of days. The product SEO was thoroughly focused with every new inventory launch. The session duration boosted and it increased the conversion rate as well. With a little effort of social media marketing, Filhaal UK was the top leading brand in its niche in no time.

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