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Android Vs IOS Pros and Cons— Which Mobile Platform Is Better

Are you unaware of Android vs iOS pros and cons? Which is better android or iOS? Do you face trouble choosing the right operating system for your smartphone or tablet? Software Craft will explain everything you need to know so continue reading.

Android and iOS both have their pros and cons. Android is presently the world’s most popular smartphone platform, with many different phone manufacturers using it. IOS is exclusively found on Apple devices like the iPhone.

Android vs iOS pros and cons 2022

iPhone vs android performance depends on the user’s needs and requirements. Which is better Android or iOS? After knowing the pros and cons of both, you will get a more accurate picture

Pros of iOS

IOS has the following advantages:

  • IOS is well-known for the security it provides to its customers. In terms of safety, it is a better option than Android.
  • Apple makes no compromises in any element of iPhone manufacture, employing only the highest quality materials. Hence, having excellent specifications. 
  • IOS provides the most basic software experience when compared to Android phones, and once we utilize iOS, we always favor iOS over Android phones.
  • Apple delivers software upgrades for all IOS at the same time, regardless of whether the phone is old or new. Moreover, they may give security patch updates and OS updates to any iPhone for a prolonged period of time.
Cons of iOS

Every OS has its pros and cons. Therefore, iOS is no exception. So, let’s go through the disadvantages of iPhone over android one by one.

  • There are a limited number of apps for iOS, and it is a sort of closed-source software
  • There are expensive applications and no widget support in iOS.
  •  Only iPhones are supported by this iOS-only app. The feature isn’t available on all mobile phones.
  •  They also disabled the touch ID feature from current iPhones. It’s one of the disadvantages of iPhones.
Pros of Android OS

Why android is better than iPhone 2022? Have a look at these pros of the android OS to have a better idea.

  • Android OS is open-source software, which means we may adapt it for our own needs.
  • When compared to the iPhone, Android phones are significantly less expensive and provide you with more possibilities.
  • Many mobile phone manufacturers choose Android as their operating system since it has a large user base and is easily configurable for everyone.

Cons of Android OS

We discussed Android vs IOS pros and cons. Now let’s talk about the Android disadvantages over IOS.

  • The user’s ability to utilize the Smartphone is hampered by personalization. And that they permit adverts within the bespoke UIs as well.
  • They do not give software upgrades in a timely manner; only specific Android versions receive updates.
  • Although Android phones are secure, expert hackers may simply hack them when compared to iPhones.

Do You Know?

Google Android and Apple iOS control 98 percent of the worldwide operating system market. IOS vs Android market share, according to projections, will reach 87 percent in 2022. So far in 2019, the iOS market share is 22.17 percent. This year, iOS has gained 50% of the UK market share. 

Percentage of iPhone user’s vs android 2022

There are 3 billion Android cellphones in the globe, compared to 900 million active iPhones. As of January 2021, Android had a market share of 71.93 percent. IOS controls 27.47 percent of the market.

It is easy to decide which operating system is better after reading android vs iOS pros and cons. Software Craft offers solutions that have proven to be very effective for both IOS and Android OS. 


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