Who we are?

Software Craft Private Limited is a software development and IT services company based in Pakistan. We were established in 2014, and went international as outsourcing partners with clients in the USA, Canada, UK and UAE. We have a strong presence nationwide with three offices in three major cities: Peshawar, Islamabad and Lahore. Our team comprises of over 30 experienced and capable individuals who are easy to communicate with.
We are an organisation that thrives on a dedicated teamwork spirit in order to work out flexible, customized software solutions according to the individual needs of every client that approaches us. We prioritize commitment, honesty, and quality in our services.

In short, we never fail to deliver what we promise.

Why us?


We have experience and we know how to deliver results that work. We're experts in our field and will dedicate our time, efforts, and skills to meet your goals on time and on budget.


The secret to success for any project is clear and exact communication. All of our team members have formal degrees in Computer Science, taught in English. Over the past years of working with international clients, we have come to understand the slangs and colloquial meanings of different jargons. We communicate frequently over email with our clients, with occasional contact via Skype and phone calls.

Pragmatic Approach

Our success over the years has depended on us learning to say 'no', as much as it has depended on us saying 'yes'. Which means we only commit to delivering a project using tool, technologies, and business domain, within a timeframe and cost that we can realistically commit to.

We Love To Solve Problems (we're geeks like that)

We are all about solving puzzles and are always up for a challenge. We like to figure out how things work, and how to make them better and faster. From creating CRMs to financial management systems to government apps to e-commerce systems, we love it all.

We Make It Simple

Technology can be intimidating. Scary even. We are all about making it easy and understandable for you. We want to leave you with something that is user-friendly and does the job right.